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(November 20, 2014) Current Themes in Ecology (20) Biodiversity research at the crossroads Understanding the long-term dynamics of ecosystems

How is the fascinating biodiversity maintained in ecosystems? This long-standing and central question in ecology has led to major research efforts over the last two decades, including large-scale biodiversity experiments in grasslands and the world-wide network of forest dynamics plots. This “Current Themes in Ecology” symposium evaluates their achievements. What general biodiversity mechanisms have been revealed? We have seen paradigm shifts from regulatory (niche) processes to stochastic and neutral influences, and from resource-based interactions between plants to plant-consumer and plant-pathogen interactions. How can they help us understand the long-term dynamics of ecosystems? The speakers include some of the world players in this field to formulate a critical perspective for the future. The poster announcement of Current Themes in Ecology 2014.