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(June 05, 2011) 8th APGC Symposium:'Plant Functioning in a Changing Global and Polluted Environment' The 8th Air Pollution Global Change Symposium entitled "Plant Functioning in a Changing Global and Polluted Environment" will be held in Hampshire Hotel - Plaza, Groningen, The Netherlands from June 5-9, 2011. The Symposium will be hosted by Laboratory of Plant Physiology, Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Studies, University of Groningen, The Netherlands. The aim of the APGC Symposium Series is to bring together scientists of various disciplines, who are actively involved in research on responses of plant metabolism and functioning to air, soil and water pollution and global change. The 8th APGC Symposium will be focused on the impact of a changing global and polluted environment on plant functioning in agro-, terrestrial- and aquatic ecosystems. The previous symposia in the Series were held in Oxford, UK 1982; Munich, Germany, 1987; Blacksburg, USA, 1992; Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands, 1997; Pulawy, Poland, 2001; Tsukuba, Japan, 2004 and Creswick, Australia, 2008.
Contact: Luit J. De Kok, University of Groningen, Laboratory of Plant Physiology, Centre for Life Sciences, P.O. Box 11103, 9700 CC Groningen, The Netherlands; Phone: +31 503632277; E-mail: apgc2011@rug.nl