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(May 02, 2011) International Conference on Hydrology and Ecology HydroEco2011 - the 3rd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Hydrology and Ecology will be held in Vienna, Austria 2-5 May 2011. The title of the conference is: Ecosystems, Groundwater and Surface Water - presssures and options.

The unifying theme is the interaction between groundwater and (or) /surface water and ecological systems. A typical example is the hyporheic zone in riparian areas, where the ecological system interacts with water and chemical flows between surface and groundwater.
The goals of the conference are

(1) to provide information that will help that interactions between groundwater, surface water and ecology are better understood, measured, simulated, and managed, and
(2) to improve the technological basis for policy decisions (including WFD implementation) related to the reconstruction of ecologically valuable environments and the use of water resources in these environments.