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(February 08, 2010) Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting Necov Activity logo The Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting is a two-day event organised by NERN and NECOV (Dutch - Flemish Ecological Society) and supported by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

The set-up of the 2010 meeting is in accordance with previous years, which were a great success with over 300 participants. Each day starts with a plenary session in which a Dutch and an international world leader present their view on a specific topic in ecology. Accordingly, parallel sessions will be held covering the wide field of ecology. The session topics listed this year have been selected by an organising committee (Jacintha Ellers (VU), Rampal Ettienne (RUG), Lourens Poorter (WU, Martijn Egas (UVA), Wolf Mooij (NIOO), Nicole van Dam (NIOO/RU, Chair) and Jaap van der Meer (NIOZ)), who also approached the conveners of the sessions. The programme below lists the session topics, the conveners and the highlights indicating the focal area of the session.

Besides oral presentations, time will be reserved for poster sessions and discussion.

Like 2009, various prizes will be awarded at the end of the meeting: the Poster Prize, the Best MSc Project Proposal (both awarded by NECOV) and the NERN Best Paper Award. Call for these awards will follow soon.