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(December 17, 2017) Uitkomst "Ecology Across Borders" Congres: engagementsverklaring Europese Ecologieverenigingen Necov Activity logo Joint statement from the international ecological community

In December 2017, the ‘Ecology Across Borders’ conference brought together 1,500 ecologists from around 60 countries to discuss the latest advances in ecological research across the whole discipline. The event was jointly organised by the British Ecological Society, Gesellschaft für Ökologie (the Ecological Society of Germany, Switzerland and Austria), and Dutch-Flemish Ecological Society (NecoV), in association with the European Ecological Federation.

This successful event demonstrated the importance of bringing together the international ecological community to harness our collective knowledge to address the environmental issues our global society currently faces.
These challenges do not stop at borders and will continue to threaten our well-being and the sustainability of our planet, unless we address them ‘Across all Borders’, by uniting as ecologists, and by working across disciplines, and by interacting with other scientists, with society, business and politics.

The ecological societies will produce a joint policy statement demonstrating the benefits of cross-border collaboration and knowledge exchange to decision makers.

So far, this statement is supported by the following European Ecological Societies: Turkish Ecological Society, Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GfÖ), French Ecological Society, Portuguese Ecological Society, Hellenic Ecological Society, Italian Ecological Society, President Spanish Association of Terrestrial Ecology (AEET).

We expect several others will follow.