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(December 19, 2016) The first NecoV Flanders Annual Meeting on Ecology (FAME) back to back with EVENET Necov Activity logo Joint symposium of the NecoV FAME-meeting (Flanders Annual Meeting of Ecology; 19 Dec 2016) with the Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics Symposium (20-21 December 2016)

The first day of this three-day event in Ghent will be dedicated to the first Flanders Annual Meeting of Ecology (FAME) .
FAME is a new initiative of NecoV and parallels the NAEM (Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting). The aim is to bring together researchers around crucial topics and topical networks with respect to ecology, this year more specifically on distribution and abundance of organisms, interactions between organisms and their environment, and structure and function of ecosystems. Speakers are encouraged to connect both applied and fundamental research to societal challenges and discuss future opportunities.

The FWO research network “An eco-evolutionary network of biotic interactions” organises its ninth two-day symposium on “Eco-evolutionary Dynamics” on Tuesday 20th December and Wednesday 21st December at the University of Ghent (campus Ledeganck).

The FWO research networks brings together international experts in the field of eco-evolutionary research and aims to provide a forum to researchers from the network to present their research to the scientific community. The meeting is free and open to researchers outside the network. Participation will be limited to 100 people. PhD students can register to this event within their doctoral school program.

The registration fee is 25€ (non-student) / 20€ (student or NecoV member) for FAME. EVENET participation is free. We foresee coffee-breaks (FAME, EVENET), EVENET welcome mixer on Monday evening, and poster sessions with local beers to sample. The EVENET conference dinner is optional (55 €)

Please, consult the website for further information !!